Why havan or campfire smoke follows you around ?


Whenever we are enjoying around a campfire with friends or we have havan in our home and we are seated around that holy fire-kund with our family and relatives, almost always we find the originating smoke following us. Irrespective of where we go.
It seems to happen whether it is windy or calm!


So maybe you are just pretty to be followed by it. or maybe there’s some science..

The answer is a mixture of both confirmation fallacy and a little physics.

As per thisConfirmation fallacy’, which is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.
Hence it is easier to notice the times that the smoke blows toward you than the times it doesn’t.

As per ‘Physics’, actually the smoke isn’t really following you.  it is simply reacting to the changes in air flow when a person or many people move around the fire.  Theoretically, if you were to all sit perfectly still, the smoke would only bother one person in the direct pattern of air flow.  But who stays perfectly still?


According to several sources, the Native Americans had it all figured out.  The tee-pee shape causes a better burn with less smoke because it funnels all the energy upward.

The heat from downside is also directed that way.  So when you start a nice tee-pee fire you are not bothered by smoke until it gets going and you rearrange the wood to get more heat from the fire.

So happy and safe camping or yajna ! 🙂

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