Why some husbands walk few steps ahead of their wives?


So while returning home from a grocery shop, I observed a middle-aged couple going by. And there I noticed something, that husband was walking few steps ahead of wife.

And no, its not because ‘behind every successful man, there is a woman‘.., duh!

I think few men walk fast since they are not mature enough to walk slow and match the speed of their spouse who is not as energetic as them.

Also (usually in some Asian countries), few ‘men‘ feel awkward in front of others to walk along with their wives, which can be termed nothing but plain backwardness.

However, not blaming the male species entirely, sometimes women which are used to window shop more along with their female friends, forget their new walking partner’s pace 😛

Hence to say conclusively, walk beside each other.., ask him to be slow or ask her if she’s tired.. never let your better half feel alone even for a moment.

Be mutual 🙂


Things to do when wife’s pregnant…

Happy family

While writing the title of this article, I earlier had ‘she’ instead of ‘wife’. My friend laughed off me and help me proofread it.
Anyways, recently when I found out about her pregnancy, I went to meet her (after months). And after few greetings *cough* non-stop synonyms of curses *cough*, we went down the memory lane as her super caring husband was at his office, we chatted like anything.

I told her about my current hobby (blogging) to which she asks me to cover her up as well. Hence I relented (I had to). So coming back to the topic, I have made a list of the things which her husband does everyday…yes you heard it right.

So here we go in her own words..

1. He wakes up early in the morning around 6:00 am and prepares tiffin for me and for himself. He don’t know how to make chapati, so I make it and he will do the roasting part, so except chapati, he cooks everything.

2. Once I wake up, he reminds me to eat almonds and drink water (as suggested by our doctor).

3. Sometimes he makes breakfast for me like bread omelette, boiled sprouts, cheese toast and tea in the evenings.

4. He always fills my water bottle with glucose.

5. In evenings, everyday he brings coconut water and fruits and ensures there are enough fruits at home and they were being consumed regularly by me.

6. Later he cooks and after dinner he reminds me to take medicines with glass of milk.

7. In night, he always makes sure my sleeping position is right also there were two extra pillows in our bed to keep under my feet to prevent any swellings.

8. On weekends, he would cut my toe nails since its kind of hard to bent.

9. He bears with all the tantrums calmly I threw due to hormonal changes.

10. He comforts me whenever the anxiety of a delivery frightens me.

All the above things may seem small, but I wouldn’t have this comfortable pregnancy without any of the above.

After listening to this, I was amazed more on the consistency than on the points. Seriously, I was feeling envious if this is the kind of care a women (like her 😛 ) is subjected to.