Common sense vs Intelligence


We often encounter these 2 terms, but most of us misinterpret their actual meanings.
Common sense does not require thought process. It allows you to act without much thought. On the other hand, Intelligence is about thinking effectively in complex situations.

All the time, you make many simple and many complex decisions.  You can choose simple (common sense) reasons for your decision, and make quick decisions.
you can take the time and intelligence to work out the details and come to a rational decision.

Everyone has both, the challenge is to apply them appropriately.

For example, you need some common sense to know when to apply your intelligence to a situation.  It takes a lot more intelligence to allow your common sense to decide, when you are trying to justify your thoughts.

Most decisions do not require much intelligence, because we have made them before. 

Intelligence is most valuable in new or unique situations, where you have time to decide, like buying  a house.  Common sense is most valuable in situations where speed is important. 
Is that a tiger?
  What to do?  There is no time for intellectual thought. But there might be time to freeze and assess the direction or intent of the tiger.

Problems arise when you attempt to apply common sense to complex decisions, where you have time to decide – you get quick, ineffective results.

Similarly, problems also arise when you over-think your way through trivial decisions, resulting in stress and wasted time.

Thus we can say that usually for a human: 

After he quickly assesses the problem -> 
If he needs quick results with minimal impact -> he will use common sense
If he needs quick results with maximal impact -> he will use his presence of mind (amalgamation of common sense and intelligence)
If he needs results with low priority on time but with highest impact -> Use intelligence

And in time, results of the application of intelligence, transforms into common sense based on the usage.


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