How an Arts candidate application rejection started WWII ?

World war II

Below are the list of 5 random but major events that though started by a tiny factor, have caused dreadful consequences.

  1. In 1905, the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna rejected and Application. Twice. Which resulted in probable outburst of  World War II.

    Cause: That aspiring student was Adolf Hitler. He’d moved to Vienna to study Art and when his mother died, he found himself stranded there and forced to live in the slums.It was at that time he became Anti-Semitic. From there, he joined the German Army and moved up ranks.
    Eventually, Germany’s Invasion of Poland as per Hitler’s order, started World War-II. Imagine the world he would have spent his time on figure drawings, instead.hitler
  2. In 2009, one of the Google employees made a typo, and flagged every site on the internet as harmful. 

     The programmer was adding websites to the malware registry when he accidentally entered ‘/’ (forward slash), instead of a full URL. And since all websites contain slashes, that keystroke determined that every website on the web was harmful and couldn’t be visited
  3. Aug 9, 1945, was a cloudy day in Kokura, Japan. And that’s why the U.S dropped atom bomb on Nagasaki.

     As Kokura was the site of large ammunition factory, and the first choice of the target of the bomb. But the bomber pilots had instructions only to drop the bomb only if they have visual confirmation of the factory. So they moved on to Nagasaki, where the skies were clear.A memorial  to the victims of Nagasaki stands on the site of the former factory in Kokura, to this day.naga

  4. In 1907, a stockbroker wrote a novel called Friday, the thirteenth.
    And now the U.S economy loses $900 million on the same day.The superstition caused by the book was so widespread that instead of going on vacations, work, shopping etc, a huge number of people stayed at their own place without doing anything.Due to which market suffered and registered and average gain of 0.2% or less.
  5. In 2010, the publishing house Penguin had to pulp 7000 copies of their newly released book The Pasta Bible resulting in huge loss.
     when it was discovered that one of the recipes called for “freshly ground black people” instead of “freshly ground black pepper”. Penguin cookbook calls for ‘freshly ground black people’.




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