Why some husbands walk few steps ahead of their wives?


So while returning home from a grocery shop, I observed a middle-aged couple going by. And there I noticed something, that husband was walking few steps ahead of wife.

And no, its not because ‘behind every successful man, there is a woman‘.., duh!

I think few men walk fast since they are not mature enough to walk slow and match the speed of their spouse who is not as energetic as them.

Also (usually in some Asian countries), few ‘men‘ feel awkward in front of others to walk along with their wives, which can be termed nothing but plain backwardness.

However, not blaming the male species entirely, sometimes women which are used to window shop more along with their female friends, forget their new walking partner’s pace 😛

Hence to say conclusively, walk beside each other.., ask him to be slow or ask her if she’s tired.. never let your better half feel alone even for a moment.

Be mutual 🙂


Why a large sized clothing is of the same price as small-sized?


So you went for shopping and you find a nice looking T-shirt of your size, then you looked for the price tag.. (because its month-end :P), and it says 1100 INR (~ 17 USD),
and out of curiosity, you looked for a smaller size, but wait… it says 1100 INR too.

So why’s that? Since if you buy a small frying pan, it will cost you a bit lesser than its bigger counterpart. So why this happens with fabric.?

Actually, the cost of fabric is negligible in mass market wear. The labor (along with shipping & marketing) required to construct the garment is almost always by far the most expensive component in calculating fabric’s cost, and all sizes require roughly the same amount of labor. The fabric is only a small part of the expense.

Apart from that, a blended price doesn’t raise the issue of “How come I’m being charged more, just because I’m bigger.” It’s the same reason they don’t charge airline tickets by weight of the passenger 😛

But there are exceptions to the norms, as although clothing costs the same within the standard size range, but larger size ranges usually do cost more, simply because that ‘negligible’ fabric cost becomes non-negligible.

Happy shopping 🙂


Why do shoelaces untie themselves and earphone cables tie themselves up?


Why do shoelaces untie themselves and earphone cables tie themselves up? And if that’s the case, can’t we just interchange them?

It actually because of Entropy [Entropy (order and disorder)] i.e.; Systems always tend to move to a state of higher disorder for more stability. Means with an average length of a earphone, there is a 50% chance that it will knot in your pocket or bag.

As per scientific studies it was concluded that the longer your cable, the higher the chances of it knotting, due to the face that ‘system’ in case of shorter cords will relatively less tends to instability. 


Though few factors will act as a catalyst such as,

for shoelaces, they are slick and/or round in shape. Round polyester or nylon laces are the slickest and hardest to keep tied. But it also depends on the whipping motion created while walking or the hems of your trousers / pants brushing against them etc.

for earphones, (or any bunch of long, flexible objects), as per knot theory, the linking in a number of places, with enough contact points, increases the chances for these objects getting into one of those ‘knot’ states or the more contact points, the more possible knotted states will exist.

Conclusion: Hence as per entropy and knot theory, a cord lesser than 50 cm would almost never tangle itself. But if the length goes beyond that, the probability shoots up till it gets flattened at 2 meters.

As a solution, you can use ‘untangle’ earphones or fabric cord earphones (like this one) which are a little costlier though. And for shoelaces, just google for reef knot, which is way stronger than the usual granny knot 🙂



Why a chocolate bar can kill your Dog ?


Dogs are known for eating things when they are not supposed to, especially when they are young as puppies and love to explore and chew around any likable thing in proximity. But few of the common human foods may prove fatal.


Like one of our favorites, ‘the Chocolate’,  which is derived from the roasted seeds of Theobroma cacao, which contains two toxic ingredients to your dog: caffeine and theobromine.

As humans, we can easily metabolize theobromine in controlled dosage, but canines such as dogs and cats, process it much slowly, allowing it to build up to toxic levels in their system.


In other words, for a 70 kg adult human, you’d have to eat >7 kgs of dark chocolate to get close to lethal level. But a small dog will get sick and potentially die from just one bar of dark chocolate. Here’s a calculator  which you can refer to: Chocolate Toxicity Meter | petMD .

And not only chocolates but even grapes, raisins, coffee, caffeine, Xylitol (artificial sweetener), Onions, garlic, Alcohol, Macadamia nuts etc. falls into this category for them.

What should I do if my dog has eaten chocolate?


If you find out that somehow your dog ate chocolate, urgent treatment might be needed depending on the dosage. So do not panic and contact your vet (keep it on speed-dial) as soon as possible for advice.

Meanwhile check for symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, increased body temperature, rapid breathing etc, which you can brief along with type of chocolate and its dosage.

Hence to be safe, it’s best not to give them any.


Why havan or campfire smoke follows you around ?


Whenever we are enjoying around a campfire with friends or we have havan in our home and we are seated around that holy fire-kund with our family and relatives, almost always we find the originating smoke following us. Irrespective of where we go.
It seems to happen whether it is windy or calm!


So maybe you are just pretty to be followed by it. or maybe there’s some science..

The answer is a mixture of both confirmation fallacy and a little physics.

As per thisConfirmation fallacy’, which is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.
Hence it is easier to notice the times that the smoke blows toward you than the times it doesn’t.

As per ‘Physics’, actually the smoke isn’t really following you.  it is simply reacting to the changes in air flow when a person or many people move around the fire.  Theoretically, if you were to all sit perfectly still, the smoke would only bother one person in the direct pattern of air flow.  But who stays perfectly still?


According to several sources, the Native Americans had it all figured out.  The tee-pee shape causes a better burn with less smoke because it funnels all the energy upward.

The heat from downside is also directed that way.  So when you start a nice tee-pee fire you are not bothered by smoke until it gets going and you rearrange the wood to get more heat from the fire.

So happy and safe camping or yajna ! 🙂

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Common sense vs Intelligence


We often encounter these 2 terms, but most of us misinterpret their actual meanings.
Common sense does not require thought process. It allows you to act without much thought. On the other hand, Intelligence is about thinking effectively in complex situations.

All the time, you make many simple and many complex decisions.  You can choose simple (common sense) reasons for your decision, and make quick decisions.
you can take the time and intelligence to work out the details and come to a rational decision.

Everyone has both, the challenge is to apply them appropriately.

For example, you need some common sense to know when to apply your intelligence to a situation.  It takes a lot more intelligence to allow your common sense to decide, when you are trying to justify your thoughts.

Most decisions do not require much intelligence, because we have made them before. 

Intelligence is most valuable in new or unique situations, where you have time to decide, like buying  a house.  Common sense is most valuable in situations where speed is important. 
Is that a tiger?
  What to do?  There is no time for intellectual thought. But there might be time to freeze and assess the direction or intent of the tiger.

Problems arise when you attempt to apply common sense to complex decisions, where you have time to decide – you get quick, ineffective results.

Similarly, problems also arise when you over-think your way through trivial decisions, resulting in stress and wasted time.

Thus we can say that usually for a human: 

After he quickly assesses the problem -> 
If he needs quick results with minimal impact -> he will use common sense
If he needs quick results with maximal impact -> he will use his presence of mind (amalgamation of common sense and intelligence)
If he needs results with low priority on time but with highest impact -> Use intelligence

And in time, results of the application of intelligence, transforms into common sense based on the usage.


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Must have safety products in an Indian women’s wallet

Women safety

When it comes to pick a good self-defense device for women, it basically comes down to what you find carrying comfortably. If, for some reason, you find a specific self-defense weapon a burden carrying with you, you are likely to not have it on you which defeats its own purpose.

So below are the 6 most popular and effective self defense gadgets for women and college students, out of which one must possess atleast 3.

1. Concealed knife Pen


When you need an easily concealed self defense item, this Pen is the perfect match for you. Featuring a ball pen design, complete with pen and knife.

In the world of business the pen is definitely mightier than the sword and with this great looking pen you can have both. Pulling the back off of this pen knife reveals a 2.5 inch blade perfect for opening letters and handling business or self defense.

2. Pepper Spray


A powerful Pepper formula that causes severe irritation as well as a burning effect in the eyes and the facial tissues of the attackers.
This product also makes the attacker’s completely immobilized.

When pepper spray is applied into the attacker’s face, he will instantly close his eyes and face some problems, like severe burning, excessive tearing, exertion breathing, extreme coughing  and runny nose. This is a self-defense pepper spray which is good for senior citizens, women, petrol pump: bank security/ cashiers/ATM guards, useful against charging animals and highway motorist etc.

3. Chili Spray


A strong and powerful spray (a little more potent than its companion Pepper spray), with varied variants like Green Chilli, Red Chilli, Black Pepper. This Self Defense Spray is extremely power packed and seeks to be a savior which you must carry with you, every time, everywhere.

The handy bottle comes in a Non-Inflammatory aerosol bottle, with Thumb Cut Dome Cap which makes it easy to use and a Sleek Nozzle making the stream long up to a range of 12 feet.

A splash of this self-defense Spray, helps you save yourself from any unfortunate circumstance and helps you protect yourself and feel safe from any action been taken by an attacker be it human or in other scenarios, harmful wild animals too. Effects of the red chili spray usually last till 2 hours after the burst and is an instant solo rescue provider.

4. Pocket Knife


When you are already surrounded or in grave danger, a Pen knife would not be sufficient. For those cases you need to have a knife with a solid base.

5. Bright strobe torch light


With it’s aluminium alloy body & USB charging capabilities, it comes with 3 modes- Dim light, Bright Light & Glimmer light. The light can go beyond a long distance of 280 meters and is a heavy duty powerful waterproof torch light.

Useful in self defense. Capable of stunning for 4-6 minutes with its 700+ lumen bright light.

6. Safety alarm


Highly recommended for school kids, women, joggers, late night workers, people who live alone, elderly, disabled, travelers & anyone who values self defense., when confronted with an intruder or attacker, just pull the key chain to activate the alarm. The high 120 db continuous beep from the alarm confuses the intruder & also draws attention from people around.

To stop the alarm, simply insert the key-chain back into the slot., can also be used when trapped in a lift or in emergency medical situation to draw attention from people around.

Also keep in mind that no device is 100% effective. Yet above categories of products listed here are proven to be potential lifesavers.

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