Why some unattractive Modern art paintings are highly expensive?

modern art

Many times in our feed or news posts we have seen few modern art paintings bought worth millions of dollars and thought how come this ‘elementary‘ art-piece could be of so much price. So lets segregate this query into two parts:


Remember art does not have to be a representation of things. Photos can do that quite well. Hence art is not so limited by things that exist, which may or may not be attractive. And meaning is not the only reason for art. Its a language that acts as a medium between its creator and viewers.

And creating some of those simple looking paintings aren’t as easy as we think. Balance and proportion become very important because simplicity leaves little room for error.

Hugely expensive?

Suppose a simple handkerchief in a shop with price tag USD 2. Now lets suppose hollywood actress Anjelina jolie went by that shop and bought that handkerchief. Undoubtedly the price will shot from 2 to thousands of dollars.

But why? Handkerchief was just a simple piece of clothing. Its because the possession became the deciding factor. Hence in a similar way, paintings can have many reasons to be expensive for e.g;

:: if its painted by a famous Artist (say Picasso)
:: if its from a significant era (say Renaissance)
:: if its a different interpretation of a famous painting (say The Last Supper)
:: if although its simple looking – but offer deep meaning to connoisseurs and many more

So it’s okay if you don’t find some artworks beautiful – as taste is subjective 🙂

(P.S: the featured painting is Ideas and Critics)



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