Why a large sized clothing is of the same price as small-sized?


So you went for shopping and you find a nice looking T-shirt of your size, then you looked for the price tag.. (because its month-end :P), and it says 1100 INR (~ 17 USD),
and out of curiosity, you looked for a smaller size, but wait… it says 1100 INR too.

So why’s that? Since if you buy a small frying pan, it will cost you a bit lesser than its bigger counterpart. So why this happens with fabric.?

Actually, the cost of fabric is negligible in mass market wear. The labor (along with shipping & marketing) required to construct the garment is almost always by far the most expensive component in calculating fabric’s cost, and all sizes require roughly the same amount of labor. The fabric is only a small part of the expense.

Apart from that, a blended price doesn’t raise the issue of “How come I’m being charged more, just because I’m bigger.” It’s the same reason they don’t charge airline tickets by weight of the passenger 😛

But there are exceptions to the norms, as although clothing costs the same within the standard size range, but larger size ranges usually do cost more, simply because that ‘negligible’ fabric cost becomes non-negligible.

Happy shopping 🙂



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