Why some unattractive Modern art paintings are highly expensive?

modern art

Many times in our feed or news posts we have seen few modern art paintings bought worth millions of dollars and thought how come this ‘elementary‘ art-piece could be of so much price. So lets segregate this query into two parts:


Remember art does not have to be a representation of things. Photos can do that quite well. Hence art is not so limited by things that exist, which may or may not be attractive. And meaning is not the only reason for art. Its a language that acts as a medium between its creator and viewers.

And creating some of those simple looking paintings aren’t as easy as we think. Balance and proportion become very important because simplicity leaves little room for error.

Hugely expensive?

Suppose a simple handkerchief in a shop with price tag USD 2. Now lets suppose hollywood actress Anjelina jolie went by that shop and bought that handkerchief. Undoubtedly the price will shot from 2 to thousands of dollars.

But why? Handkerchief was just a simple piece of clothing. Its because the possession became the deciding factor. Hence in a similar way, paintings can have many reasons to be expensive for e.g;

:: if its painted by a famous Artist (say Picasso)
:: if its from a significant era (say Renaissance)
:: if its a different interpretation of a famous painting (say The Last Supper)
:: if although its simple looking – but offer deep meaning to connoisseurs and many more

So it’s okay if you don’t find some artworks beautiful – as taste is subjective 🙂

(P.S: the featured painting is Ideas and Critics)



Why some husbands walk few steps ahead of their wives?


So while returning home from a grocery shop, I observed a middle-aged couple going by. And there I noticed something, that husband was walking few steps ahead of wife.

And no, its not because ‘behind every successful man, there is a woman‘.., duh!

I think few men walk fast since they are not mature enough to walk slow and match the speed of their spouse who is not as energetic as them.

Also (usually in some Asian countries), few ‘men‘ feel awkward in front of others to walk along with their wives, which can be termed nothing but plain backwardness.

However, not blaming the male species entirely, sometimes women which are used to window shop more along with their female friends, forget their new walking partner’s pace 😛

Hence to say conclusively, walk beside each other.., ask him to be slow or ask her if she’s tired.. never let your better half feel alone even for a moment.

Be mutual 🙂

Why a large sized clothing is of the same price as small-sized?


So you went for shopping and you find a nice looking T-shirt of your size, then you looked for the price tag.. (because its month-end :P), and it says 1100 INR (~ 17 USD),
and out of curiosity, you looked for a smaller size, but wait… it says 1100 INR too.

So why’s that? Since if you buy a small frying pan, it will cost you a bit lesser than its bigger counterpart. So why this happens with fabric.?

Actually, the cost of fabric is negligible in mass market wear. The labor (along with shipping & marketing) required to construct the garment is almost always by far the most expensive component in calculating fabric’s cost, and all sizes require roughly the same amount of labor. The fabric is only a small part of the expense.

Apart from that, a blended price doesn’t raise the issue of “How come I’m being charged more, just because I’m bigger.” It’s the same reason they don’t charge airline tickets by weight of the passenger 😛

But there are exceptions to the norms, as although clothing costs the same within the standard size range, but larger size ranges usually do cost more, simply because that ‘negligible’ fabric cost becomes non-negligible.

Happy shopping 🙂


Why we have no cure for common cold yet and symptom difference with Flu and Pneumonia


Why we have no cure for common cold yet?

Common cold is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract that mainly affects the nose. With other health problems or already weak immune system, one may develop pneumonia also.
Over 200 virus strains are implicated in causing the common cold, with rhinoviruses being the most common. These viruses stick to the cells at the back of your throat. They quickly reproduce from the cells to spread to neighboring cells in the rest of the tract.

And while we can treat the symptoms of cold by isolating the virus like other diseases, we cannot cure it, because of their different types and rapid mutation property of each of those types. Thus, in the time it takes to develop a vaccine, it will no longer be useful to us.

Symptom difference with flu and Pneumonia?

Apart from acute viral respiratory illness being a common symptom, the basic difference between below diseases are:

Common cold: Less severe symptoms, runny nose, sore throat

Influenza (flu): severe symptoms, (less likely to have a runny nose), fever, chills, fatigue, muscle aches

Pneumonia: severe symptoms, sharp chest pain with inhalation, excessive sweating, increased breathing and heart rate and light blueness around the mouth and lips.

Happy aachooo! reading 🙂