What’s that ‘click’ sound in my camera?


Ever wondered what’s that ‘click’ sound every time you snap a picture via your DSLR ?

Its because your camera has shutter, and the electro-mechanical mechanism that moves and stops the action of the camera’s shutter makes that ‘click’ sound. Though most mechanisms make some sound because of the friction and the impact of a sudden start and stop.


Ok, so why smartphones and similar devices have that sound, do they also have shutter ?

No. People generally prefer a sound cue to know when the photo is done. Hence phones have that ‘click’ sound when they take a picture, even though they do not have an actual shutter.

Usually smartphones do not use physical mechanisms while capturing, but instead they just have an electronic charge-coupled devices constantly capturing visual data and ‘freeze‘ that capture to grab a shot. These cameras often have an option to have an artificial ‘shutter sound’ played by a speaker so that the photographer and/or subject know that the photo was captured.


Thus that fake shutter-sound helps your friends know how long they should try their best, and you get your best moments 🙂 .

But it should also be noted that these shutter sounds are not legal in some countries and some places, especially inside holy places, Museums etc. Even in some, they don’t allow using flashes.


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