If black box in an Airplane is indestructible, then why don’t they make the whole plane of the same material?

black plane

The construction of the Digital Flight Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder boxes is military grade. And they are virtually indestructible.

But there have been many cases where the impact was so strong that even the black box couldn’t sustained damage. Still, why not built an airplane using the ‘strengthening’ concept, isn’t the stronger the better.?


NO ! since as its well known that, its not the fall that kills you, its the sudden stop.
An indestructible aircraft may survive that sudden stop but no human could.

Black boxes are placed in protected locations near the rear of the airplane and, unlike humans, they are designed to survive accelerations up to several hundred g-forces.

Passengers don’t die because the plane is not strong enough.
Passengers die because unlike black boxes, passengers’ bodies are not strong enough to survive the rapid deceleration, smoke and fire that ensue in a crash.

Along with carry-on bags, laptops, food trolleys etc some of which may hit you while traveling at speeds of several hundreds of kmph relative to your body.

Hence the best way of protecting airplane passengers is to avoid crashes in the first place. Task at which our technicians and engineers are getting better each day passing.

It is remarkable how the number of aircraft accident fatalities has not significantly increased in the past 50-60 years despite the fact that air-traffic has increased by a factor of a significant margin !

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Why havan or campfire smoke follows you around ?


Whenever we are enjoying around a campfire with friends or we have havan in our home and we are seated around that holy fire-kund with our family and relatives, almost always we find the originating smoke following us. Irrespective of where we go.
It seems to happen whether it is windy or calm!


So maybe you are just pretty to be followed by it. or maybe there’s some science..

The answer is a mixture of both confirmation fallacy and a little physics.

As per thisConfirmation fallacy’, which is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.
Hence it is easier to notice the times that the smoke blows toward you than the times it doesn’t.

As per ‘Physics’, actually the smoke isn’t really following you.  it is simply reacting to the changes in air flow when a person or many people move around the fire.  Theoretically, if you were to all sit perfectly still, the smoke would only bother one person in the direct pattern of air flow.  But who stays perfectly still?


According to several sources, the Native Americans had it all figured out.  The tee-pee shape causes a better burn with less smoke because it funnels all the energy upward.

The heat from downside is also directed that way.  So when you start a nice tee-pee fire you are not bothered by smoke until it gets going and you rearrange the wood to get more heat from the fire.

So happy and safe camping or yajna ! 🙂

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Common sense vs Intelligence


We often encounter these 2 terms, but most of us misinterpret their actual meanings.
Common sense does not require thought process. It allows you to act without much thought. On the other hand, Intelligence is about thinking effectively in complex situations.

All the time, you make many simple and many complex decisions.  You can choose simple (common sense) reasons for your decision, and make quick decisions.
you can take the time and intelligence to work out the details and come to a rational decision.

Everyone has both, the challenge is to apply them appropriately.

For example, you need some common sense to know when to apply your intelligence to a situation.  It takes a lot more intelligence to allow your common sense to decide, when you are trying to justify your thoughts.

Most decisions do not require much intelligence, because we have made them before. 

Intelligence is most valuable in new or unique situations, where you have time to decide, like buying  a house.  Common sense is most valuable in situations where speed is important. 
Is that a tiger?
  What to do?  There is no time for intellectual thought. But there might be time to freeze and assess the direction or intent of the tiger.

Problems arise when you attempt to apply common sense to complex decisions, where you have time to decide – you get quick, ineffective results.

Similarly, problems also arise when you over-think your way through trivial decisions, resulting in stress and wasted time.

Thus we can say that usually for a human: 

After he quickly assesses the problem -> 
If he needs quick results with minimal impact -> he will use common sense
If he needs quick results with maximal impact -> he will use his presence of mind (amalgamation of common sense and intelligence)
If he needs results with low priority on time but with highest impact -> Use intelligence

And in time, results of the application of intelligence, transforms into common sense based on the usage.


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Tips/hacks you wish you had known sooner


Below are the list of 14 tips (and hacks) one could employ to save time and money and life in some cases. Given points are just an accumulation, so use it at your own discretion.

1. Set you EMERGENCY contacts

Make all those numbers (for eg. whom you will call in case of credit/debit card lost), as favorites or speed dials. They may come in handy specially while commuting.

Also you must at least 2 of your contacts with whom you share an acquaintance with in your current city.

Since i am a bit memory short, I have a small paper note containing those 2 numbers, in my wallet and carry-bag at all times.

2. Masks with N95 or N99 filters

This life hack works specially in metro cities, where the pollution levels are always high. Usually when Diwali comes, the pollution is at the peak.

Here is a reason why you should use masks with N95 or N99 filters:

People often use dupattas, handkerchiefs and surgical masks but they only filter coarse dust particles or Particulate Matter (PM) 10, which is anyway not harmful. It’s PM 2.5, which is harmful, that they cannot filer. You need N95 or N99 filters for those situations.

More details: A-special-mask-that-helps-you-breathe-easy-in-delhi/


3. Write down WRONG PIN of your ATM, on ATM cover

So that if you lost your ATM card and thief tries to enter that number three times, normal ATMs will eat that card after 3 wrong attempts or at least block it, and your money will be safe.


4. Always carry some money UNDER your mobile phone’s cover

It has been proven beneficial for me every month. Many times, you forgot your wallet in a hurry (like I tend to forget when I try a different trouser at work). And what if those are the emergency/crucial times. So better prepared than sorry.

mobile money

5. Always have your ADDRESS (current) card in your wallet

So that even if you lost it at while roaming somewhere at tourist places, you have some chance to get it back via some good soul.


6For those who have BABIES

Wear your door key on a neck chain all the times in case you accidentally lock yourself out (while throwing out the garbage etc) and the baby’s inside the home alone.

Get an aluminium duplicate key because regular ones tend to soil and mark your skin.


7. You can SAVE YOURSELF from getting unknowingly looted at Indian petrol stations

Always ask for some odd number of liters of fuel at Petrol station.

If you fill fuel worth of round digit figures, like most of the people do, example Rs 50 or 100 or 200 or 500, you will actually get fuel little less than what the amount is for.

For example, If you fill worth Rs 200, you will get only petrol worth of Rs 185 or so, which you can’t see because the pump shows Rs 200. This is how they loot thousands of rupees from all the customers all round the clock. So next time go for Rs. 503 or 507 if you want fuel worth Rs 500.


8. Always shower BEFORE swimming

If you are living in a place where the temperature usually goes above 40’c, not showering before diving into the pool can cause a fatal heart attack. This is due to the sudden lowering in body temperature, and an abrupt increase in the heart rate and blood pressure.


9. How to check for HOAX messages instantly

You all must be receiving a lots of hoax messages in Whatsapp in groups or forwarded by your friends. And some of you (not all) may forward that hoax without finding whether it is a real or fake news.

Even for finding it, you will search few keywords of that messages into search engines. But there’s an easy way to find whether it is real or fake.

Just save this number:

+91 9035067726 This is contact number of Check4Spams who reply you whether the message you sent to them is real or fake.


10. Secure your FOOTWEARS at temples/religious place.

The quick hack to the problem is to never put your footwear together and if possible, turn one of them upside down.

This drastically reduces the chances of your good looking footwear catching a thief’s eye. Thieves normally just pick up the ones that are kept together and look good at first glance before escaping the venue quickly.


11. ‘Rescuer’ app to the rescue

Whether it’s a rape or a kidnapping situation, or even a heart attack, an app called Rescuer can save your life.

With this app, you can silently call for help by pressing your phone’s volume buttons in a secret pattern.

Say your customized key phrase, and Rescuer will hear it and immediately send out emergency messages (+ GPS coordinates) to pre-set emergency contacts.

You can open you can press the giant red help button on your home screen and emergency messages will be sent immediately and many more life saving features.


12. Perform bank transactions using your mobile WITHOUT INTERNET

Wish that checking your account balance, getting mini-statement of your last few transactions was as simple as checking balance amount in your prepaid phone?

Well then here’s a service which lets you all of that even without Internet.

If yes then let me introduce you to USSD based Mobile Banking.

It’s a simple, yet powerful service provided by National Payments Corporation Of India (NPCI) to allow masses to provide access to basic banking services without Internet through USSD codes. These are simple codes which connect to the telecom operator’s server and bank’s server.


Just follow the steps given below:

Dial *99# and you’ll be directed to National Unified USSD Platform(NUUP).

Enter three letter abbreviation of your bank’s name or first four letters of bank IFSC code or first two digits of bank’s numeric code. Hit send.

You’ll now see following main options:

Account Balance
Mini Statement
Send money using MMID
Send money using IFSC
Send money using Aadhar number
Change M-PIN
Generate OTP

Select the number against whatever service you want to use and hit send. Based on the bank, you’ll be directed to the appropriate pages or displayed the required information.

How to use the service?

Your mobile number should be registered with the bank to enable Mobile Banking. Remember that you don’t have to necessarily visit a bank to register your mobile number for mobile banking. It can be done at most ATMs as well.

Charges: TRAI has directed the telecom operators to charge maximum of ₹1.5/transaction.

Transaction Limit: ₹5000 per transaction.

For more details regarding availing each of the services listed above and other additional information, here’s a link for reference: http://www.npci.org.in/documents….


13. NEVER shop on a empty stomach

Never go grocery shopping when you’re super-hungry. Why? Because everything looks good, so you’ll undoubtedly start throwing in items you normally might not buy.


14. Always keep mentholated PAIN BALM such as Vicks Vaporub but not for the headache

If you find yourself in a place plagued with mosquitoes and with no bug repellent on hand, what you can do is ask around for a mentholated pain balm such as Vicks Vaporub. It works like a charm to keep the pesky mosquitoes away.

People will argue that why not to have the real deal, the ‘Odomos’ itself. Sure thing that its effective but Vicks is just an alternative and its your choice.

Below image has some other unheard uses of this ointment:


Bonus tip: 
If you want to reach somewhere fast, get one fire extinguisher. No one will stop you, if you are with it. 😛

(P.S: couldn’t get the relevant image so used this ! )

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Must have safety products in an Indian women’s wallet

Women safety

When it comes to pick a good self-defense device for women, it basically comes down to what you find carrying comfortably. If, for some reason, you find a specific self-defense weapon a burden carrying with you, you are likely to not have it on you which defeats its own purpose.

So below are the 6 most popular and effective self defense gadgets for women and college students, out of which one must possess atleast 3.

1. Concealed knife Pen


When you need an easily concealed self defense item, this Pen is the perfect match for you. Featuring a ball pen design, complete with pen and knife.

In the world of business the pen is definitely mightier than the sword and with this great looking pen you can have both. Pulling the back off of this pen knife reveals a 2.5 inch blade perfect for opening letters and handling business or self defense.

2. Pepper Spray


A powerful Pepper formula that causes severe irritation as well as a burning effect in the eyes and the facial tissues of the attackers.
This product also makes the attacker’s completely immobilized.

When pepper spray is applied into the attacker’s face, he will instantly close his eyes and face some problems, like severe burning, excessive tearing, exertion breathing, extreme coughing  and runny nose. This is a self-defense pepper spray which is good for senior citizens, women, petrol pump: bank security/ cashiers/ATM guards, useful against charging animals and highway motorist etc.

3. Chili Spray


A strong and powerful spray (a little more potent than its companion Pepper spray), with varied variants like Green Chilli, Red Chilli, Black Pepper. This Self Defense Spray is extremely power packed and seeks to be a savior which you must carry with you, every time, everywhere.

The handy bottle comes in a Non-Inflammatory aerosol bottle, with Thumb Cut Dome Cap which makes it easy to use and a Sleek Nozzle making the stream long up to a range of 12 feet.

A splash of this self-defense Spray, helps you save yourself from any unfortunate circumstance and helps you protect yourself and feel safe from any action been taken by an attacker be it human or in other scenarios, harmful wild animals too. Effects of the red chili spray usually last till 2 hours after the burst and is an instant solo rescue provider.

4. Pocket Knife


When you are already surrounded or in grave danger, a Pen knife would not be sufficient. For those cases you need to have a knife with a solid base.

5. Bright strobe torch light


With it’s aluminium alloy body & USB charging capabilities, it comes with 3 modes- Dim light, Bright Light & Glimmer light. The light can go beyond a long distance of 280 meters and is a heavy duty powerful waterproof torch light.

Useful in self defense. Capable of stunning for 4-6 minutes with its 700+ lumen bright light.

6. Safety alarm


Highly recommended for school kids, women, joggers, late night workers, people who live alone, elderly, disabled, travelers & anyone who values self defense., when confronted with an intruder or attacker, just pull the key chain to activate the alarm. The high 120 db continuous beep from the alarm confuses the intruder & also draws attention from people around.

To stop the alarm, simply insert the key-chain back into the slot., can also be used when trapped in a lift or in emergency medical situation to draw attention from people around.

Also keep in mind that no device is 100% effective. Yet above categories of products listed here are proven to be potential lifesavers.

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