Healthy food substitutions for healthy lifestyle

Healthy diet

In recent times, people are making good effort to maintain an active and health-conscious lifestyle. So as to stay out of trouble for the long run. Of which a healthy diet is very crucial.

Usually, we’re always looking for ways to make our favorite foods healthier without sacrificing flavor. So below is the compiled list of 11 substitutions, (centered over Indian taste) having tasteful swaps.

1. Digestive biscuits over regular biscuits

These digestive counterparts are a clear winner over regular biscuits, in terms of health.  They ares not too sweet but with a faint salty aftertaste. Every bite feels delight, toasty and fibery.

Note: Oats and Ragi flavored Nutri choice biscuits have been labeled as ‘diabetic friendly’.

2. Canola oil over regular Cooking oil

Though as per Indian cuisine, Oils which can be used for roasting, deep frying etc. But oils with above properties which are low in saturated fats and having a healthy ratio of your “good” and “bad” cholesterol can be a good substitution for regular cooking oils.

And among many such oils, Canola oil tops the list.

A very elaborated description is provided at

3. Dark chocolate over regular chocolate

While this is not really an alternative to chocolate, it is the best way to satisfy a chocolate craving with the real thing, but minimizing calories.  Choose the highest percentage cocoa that you can, as these contain the most beneficial antioxidants.

Note: the darker the chocolate (aka the higher % of cacao), the less sugar will be in the bar.

4. Fig bars over regular Cookie

These cookie-like treats are healthier than most homemade or packaged alternatives. Usually fig bars have 90 calories and 1 gram of fat compared to two homemade chocolate chip cookies at 120 calories and 14 grams of fat.

5. Skimmed milk for regular Milk

Image result for skimmed milk

Skim milk is much lower in calories than whole milk — containing 90 calories per cup vs. 150 calories in whole milk — but provides about the same amount of protein, vitamins and minerals as whole milk. Whole milk contains saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, while skim milk provides just negligible amounts of these nutrients.

6. Brown rice for white rice

When white rice is processed, the “brown” bran layer gets stripped away, cutting out essential nutrients (like fiber). Opt for brown rice for a fuller nutritional profile.

7. Whole-wheat flour for white flour

In virtually any baked good, replacing white flour with whole-wheat can add a whole new dimension of nutrients, flavor, and texture. Because whole-wheat includes the outer shell of the grain, it also provides more fiber, which aids in digestion and can even lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

If you are not sure your family will embrace whole-wheat pasta or flour? Mix it in with white to get them adjusted. Or use semi-brown rice (as shown in above pic) your family won’t even notice. Also same goes for Pasta as well. Prefer whole wheat pasta over regular white paste.

Note: Whole-wheat pastry flour is less dense and works well in softer products like cakes and muffins.

8. Dark leafy greens for typical lettuce

Image result for spinach salad

All greens are not created equal. Darker greens usually mean more nutrients like iron, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Sorry, iceberg’s just not cutting it anymore—go out and get some grown-up greens.

9. Whole-wheat bread for white bread

Image result for Whole-wheat bread

You’ve heard it all before, but we can’t forget to mention this one. Whole-grain wheat beats out processed white with a complete nutrition profile and better flavor and texture.

10. Popcorn for potato chips

Lower in fat, natural popcorn without pre-flavored seasonings is a great snack alternative to replace those oily, super-salty potato chips. Try made-at-home flavors by adding cinnamon, chili powder, or Parmesan.

11. Olive oil for butter

When you’re about to stir-fry your favorite vegetables, sauté in oil instead of butter to stick to your vegan diet. Given image is of a popularly used Olive oil spray.

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Must have life essential 21 Amazon products

Amazon fresh

There’s a lot of cool articles on Amazon, but these 21 nifty widgets for your home/office might just be some of the coolest. Order them now, and you’ll become the envy of all of your friends overnight (thanks to Amazon’s awesome shipping). Just get used to answering the question, “Where did you get that?”

If you like anything below, just click on the product image, you will be re-routed to respective Amazon page.

1. COOLNUT CMSPBS-19 Solar 10,000 mah Power Bank (INR 1,699):

Description: Recharge the power bank with additional solar function and with electricity input technology.

Top Review: “The product is good as it had two output as well as we can use alternative Solar charger. In short its excellent.”

2. Echo Dot (Includes 1 Year Prime Membership) – (INR 3,149):
Description: Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa voice service to play music, set alarms and timers, check your calendar, weather and sports scores, manage to-do and shopping lists, control smart home devices, and more-instantly.

Top Review: “Connects to speakers or headphones through Bluetooth or 3.5 mm stereo cable to play music from services like Amazon Prime Music, Saavn and TuneIn”.

3. Maybelline Baby Lips Color Changing Lip Balm (INR 175):

Description: Jojoba and pro vitamin E formula keeps lips hydrated all day, SPF 16 for sun protection, Colour bloom technology with tone revealing pigments react with your lips to give them the perfect flush of colour.

Top Review: “The best lip balm out in market. I really like this. I have ordered more than 10 pieces for myself and my mom and mom in law. It’s amazing. It’s the best one among other maybeline lip balm series. It keeps the lips hydrated all long. I was used to chapped and dry lips for long. This lip balm keeps my lips rosy pink and healthy in every season.”

4. Bio Oil (INR 574):


Description: contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E, calendula oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, chamomile oil and the breakthrough ingredient Purcellian oil. Will help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Also recommended for ageing skin and dehydrated skin.

Top Review:  Very effective and priceless to say the least. Happy for my wife.

5. Clickforsign GIDT-003 Glow in The Dark Safety Tape (INR 295):

Description: This large sheet of self adhesive glow in the dark stuff is great for any application that needs to glow in the dark.

Top Review: “Wow!! I stuck this in all sofa/table leg bottom so no one will hit that when electricity goes at home. Also pasted in my flashlight, door corners etc etc… You can not find where I have stuck them when the lights are on but when the electricity goes, my house looks like viewing a city from hill top will glows all around!!”

6. Inovera Camera Lens Coffee Mug Flask With Cookie Holder, Black (INR 479):
Camera-geek joy, indeed With multi-purpose, camera lens mug can be used as a cup, a money box or a pen holder. An inventive way to enjoy your morning coffee is the perfect gift for any photography nut.

 Top Review: “Kick your day Start With coffee in this professional mug cup cover can be hold some biscuits and other snacks.”

7. InstaCuppa Cold Brew Coffee Maker | Iced Tea Pot | Fruit Infuser Pitcher (INR 999):

Are you tired of traditional brewing methods that produce hot coffee with bite and acidity? InstaCuppa’s Cold Brew Coffee Maker yields a smooth and sweet batch of cold brew concentrate higher in caffeine content and 60% less acidic than hot coffee. Healthy for those with sensitive stomachs.

Top Review: “Bought this as a gift for my cousin who is a coffee lover .. She likes her coffee put together the perfect way and is quite happy with this and uses it everyday . Her take is that it’s easy to carry while travelling too so she can have her kind of coffee even on the go .”

8. Horseway Self-stirring mug (INR 399):

Self- managed coffee mug. Self-stirring tool to get hard work done for you easily. Best equipment to save your time.

Top Review: “Great product if compared by it’ price.
Doesn’t feels cheap plastic but thus feel like quite a STURDY Mug.”

9. USB Can Cooler – Mini Fridge (INR 1,950):

 Description: Portable Frigde, Beer , Drink Chiller, Beerosphere.

Top Review: Keep a cool beverage ready to drink at all times! It holds a single 12 ounce can, which is illuminated from the blue LED inside the fridge.

10. Cpixen Watermelon Slicer No Mess, No Stress, Neat & Easy With Juicy Slices of Melon, Fruit Slicer Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel (INR 199):

Watermelon Corer And Server. Reduces Watermelon Cutting Time In Half. Dishwasher Safe, 100% Stainless Steel.

Top Review: Awesome quality..good service …light weight product…more then better …thanks for making this.

11. Maytex Mesh Pockets PEVA Shower Curtain Clear (INR 1,990):

Description: This functional and fun shower curtain or liner keeps your bath area free of clutter! It is made of clear PEVA with no chlorides. The pockets are great to hold kids toys, shampoo, conditioner, sponges, or other personal care items in the bath/shower to help organize.

Top Review: I love this curtain. I have TONS of soaps and shampoos and other stuff in my shower and not enough shelves. Plus i never really liked using the shelves because it made the shower harder to clean and anytime my derrière would swing around in the shower I would inevitably cause an explosion of bottles crashing down around me. The curtain Solves all those problems .

12. Everholder FURemover Broom (INR 3,796):

This broom does what a vacuum can’t! Best for homes with pets or stray hairy floors.  

Top Review: “I own a boarding kennel and this is the only broom I use. Outstanding function. I don’t even own a conventional broom and I house up to 40 dogs per night.

13. Mivi 3.1A Dual Port Smart Wall Charge Adapter (INR 699):

the compact Mivi dual port wall charger is safe and smart, charging up your devices to be ready and go in no time.

Top Review: “Purchased this after I lost my original oneplus adapter. Definitely far better than many out there and the best feature is dual port.”

14. Lumos unPlug Solar Backpack Blue (INR 3,499):

Description: Innovative Solar Fabric Converts Light Into Electricity, And Charges Built-In Battery.

Top review: “I absolutely love this backpack! Sleek design, lightweight and very sturdy. It’s been my travel companion on international and domestic travels and it’s great not to have to search around for a power source. And no, it doesn’t raise any red flags during security check”

15. Sugru 3 Mini Packs Of Sugru (3X5G)  (INR 2,019):

 Description: Sugru is unique. It is a cross between a foam and an adhesive, and a solution for many problems and DIY projects. It is tough and resilient and adheres well but also removes well.

Top review: “Using Sugru is wonderful! I had a Mac laptop charger where the insulation had stripped off in one place from the cable. It was not safe to use any more, and a replacement cost about $80. Instead I purchased Sugru, and for the $12 I paid, I was able to repair the insulation.”

16. Flintstop USB LED Clock Fan Cool Gadget (INR 1,150):

 Description: Powered via USB fan on laptop or power bank with time display .

Top Review: “This is so cool it’s a must have geeky product”.
Safe and soft PVC fan blades, Powered via USB, on laptop or power bank, Flexible neck, free to adjust angle of cool freeze, Time is remembered even after it is switched off.”

17. Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Precision Stylus for Smartphones and Tablets (INR 2,455):
It is the most precise basic stylus around for writing and drawing on touchscreens. The precision disc writes exactly where you place it with ballpoint accuracy and a smooth feel.

Top review: “Well I’m right now using my stylus to write this review. That says a lot right?I’m using this for iPad Air 2 and it also works on my mobile phone(moto x play). So this is meant for all capacitive screens. It doesn’t have battery but is quite sensitive at par with those even with tempered glass on in my iPad which is amazing!”

18. ihomy Toilet Night Light, Motion Activated Toilet Night Light (INR 3,268):

Description: Light-sensitive and motion-activated night light for your toilet.

Top Review: “Okay, so we all know that getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom sucks, stumbling around feeling for the light switch; well with this awesome gadget you do NOT have to do that any more!! Its motion detector is quick to respond, as soon as i opened my bathroom door there was a calm colorful light that lead me to my path! “

19. Lumo Lift for iOS – Posture and Activity Tracker (INR 12,824):

Small, beautiful device that you wear on your chest to track your daily activity and help to improve your posture.

Top Review:“Does a good job of giving feedback each time one slips out of posture. I find I have definitely improved my posture in the last 3-4 weeks I’ve been using the device.”

20. ZIP mobile printer (INR 15,999):

this standalone mobile printer is designed to print vibrant, colorful photos from a variety of sources.  

Top Review: “Print directly from any mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth or NFC technology ‘2×3’ full-color prints, Smudge-proof photos and peel-back, sticky paper for extra fun, No Ink. No Hassles. — no ink cartridges or ribbons to throw away, Prints in under a minute.”

21. Sun Umbrella Blue Umbrella (INR 1,100):

 Description: Beat The Heat & Rains With Sun Brand Fan Umbrella – UV Protective. Rust Proof Fibre Reinforced Plastic(Frp) Ribs. Comes With 4 Duracell Battery.

Top Review: “Perfect for summer, good built quality, comes with 2 AA Duracell battery… Excellent seller!!!”

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Why do we feel sleepy in the afternoon?

Boring afternoon

I often feel tired and lazy between 2:30 pm to 4 pm in office. A task that takes five minutes in the morning starts to take fifteen minutes in the afternoon.
It becomes especially difficult if you have a meeting during this time, since as per my current position, I cannot postpone it 😛 .
So as usual, I researched it a bit and found out that its more common than I think.

:> Why ?

Just like most of the bodily activities are cyclic. Means there is a rhythm our body follows (technically known circadian rhythm). If you’ve not completed your usual quota of sleep the previous night then these dips can be even more intense.
On the other hand, having enough sleep can reduce the intensity of such dips.

[Other] reasons may include: 

Heavy lunch: in case of heavy lunch, body extracts extra energy from your body to digest, which in  turn reduces the overall quota.

Schedule change: In case of any schedule change like you have started jogging/gym in the early morning (or any other physical session), you will feel dip. Since your body did not adapted to this change yet. Though it will, depending on your workout sessions.


Heuristic naps: Since childhood, have been taught to sleep in afternoon, so that our parents could sleep peacefully 😛 . Maybe this schedule has caught on.


Boring work: It seems this reason is for me these days. The kind of interest you show in your work is inversely proportional to dip you feel.
Now you can think, why a new GOT episode you can watch even in late hours and why you can’t create a PPT in afternoon. Hell, I am getting bored just after thinking it :/

:> You have stated reasons but not yet answered why the rhythm itself exists ?

Reason for this is that human beings are bi-phasic (physically designed for two sleeps a day), with two major bodily rhythms (homeostatic sleep drive and circadian arousal) which pull us in different directions in terms of staying awake or sleeping, but they fascinatingly align in the middle of the day to create a ‘nap zone’.

This bi-phase could have evolved during our evolution. When humans were just plain wild hunters, they were able to get only few preys during afternoon since animals were not in the open (maybe due to another hunting predator or scorching heat in that time period etc). Thus they both might have decided to rest instead.

:> Ok, so how to overcome that ? Give both temporary and permanent solution.

A given solution directly depends on the cause of this dip.

If its meal, eat light.
If its workout schedule change, have patience, it will get sorted out by itself.
If its boring work, well you know what to do… 😛 . Just kidding, its true that given assignment is boring. But that’s not all. If there is one reason of why you do not like your job, then there must be several others, of why you do. You just need to find out 🙂

Saying that, below are the generic solutions one may try…


Usually, people overcome this dip by having a coffee or something sugary. However, this is not a good idea as a little while later your energy levels may dip even further. Also, as we all know coffee works around 45-60 mins later consumption. So if you are going for it, go sooner.

As a catalyst, you can go for a five-minute walk in the sun (if you have that kind of spacesuit 😛 ).


Sleep tight. Also don’t take 8 hours for the sake of taking 8 hours of sleep. Sleep as much as you need. Sleep early if you don’t want to curse your alarm clock. I know its easier said than done, but you need to plan the night first if you want to plan the day.

And if all else fails, take out your mobile, make it silent-vib mode, then take a 20-minute nap wherever you feel comfortable like a Panda 🙂 .

Sleepy Panda

I think this article is getting too long which is making me slleeee…..

Don’t burn or bury your organs! Pass it on.

Organ donation

The current organ donation per million for cadaver (dead body) in India is 0.05 per million).

At just 2-3 per million donation rate there would be 2200 organ donors and the above figures would double and there would be no necessity to undertake living kidney donations.

But saying stuff like “After I die, donate my organs to people who need them” is frowned upon.
In fact, you can see your family members wincing right after they hear the first three words.

Experts say that the key to organ donation is the acceptance of brain death by family,
as the final consent to donate organs comes from the family even if the person is carrying a Donor Card.


  1. In case of Natural death only, cornea (relatively easy to transplant) and skin can be donated.
  2. Kidneys (within 12-15 hours), liver (within 8-12 hours) and heart (within 4 hours) of only brain dead,
    can be donated.
  3. The donation of body can be made to a medical college only.

For starters you can pledge and apply for donor card as per below process but its optional
though it saves some formalities with the hospital.
What you need to do is to make sure your friends and relatives know that you want to donate your organs after death. If something happens to you that causes brain death then your next-of-kin will be asked for permission to use your functioning organs for transplant.

Then that person will contact nearby hospital, let them know the situation and go along with the process as detailed.

How to Pledge Organs:

  1. Log on to website of NOTTO (National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation) and register.
  2. Once registered, fill the Donor Pledge form and submit it.
  3. Once submitted, an email alert will inform the user to log on to the site to generate a donor card.
  4. Print the donor card.

Here are the links for some other good organisations that I could find:

  1. Donate Life India
  2. Organ India | Organ Donation in India
  3. Gift Your Organ Foundation ::

Again, do discuss with your family before registering. They have the power to not let the organisation perform their duties after death, because in the end their decision will be final. So their consent is very important.

To sum up:
Currently in India, Organ donation is a topic which if its not associated with any celebrity, will live in obscurity. Its in our hands to mend the mindset of this generation otherwise this flow will go on.

But why we want the body parts burn or buried, just because of traditions?
If yes, then it had to be changed.

To support the cause, Government can give appropriate benefits to those who have pledged for organ donation. And to avoid any family’s disagreement over the body in the future, Government should block some part of insurance amount (which was earlier agreed upon by the the donor).
Or something similar can be done if people show interests of at least half as much as they show in cricket.

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How an Arts candidate application rejection started WWII ?

World war II

Below are the list of 5 random but major events that though started by a tiny factor, have caused dreadful consequences.

  1. In 1905, the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna rejected and Application. Twice. Which resulted in probable outburst of  World War II.

    Cause: That aspiring student was Adolf Hitler. He’d moved to Vienna to study Art and when his mother died, he found himself stranded there and forced to live in the slums.It was at that time he became Anti-Semitic. From there, he joined the German Army and moved up ranks.
    Eventually, Germany’s Invasion of Poland as per Hitler’s order, started World War-II. Imagine the world he would have spent his time on figure drawings, instead.hitler
  2. In 2009, one of the Google employees made a typo, and flagged every site on the internet as harmful. 

     The programmer was adding websites to the malware registry when he accidentally entered ‘/’ (forward slash), instead of a full URL. And since all websites contain slashes, that keystroke determined that every website on the web was harmful and couldn’t be visited
  3. Aug 9, 1945, was a cloudy day in Kokura, Japan. And that’s why the U.S dropped atom bomb on Nagasaki.

     As Kokura was the site of large ammunition factory, and the first choice of the target of the bomb. But the bomber pilots had instructions only to drop the bomb only if they have visual confirmation of the factory. So they moved on to Nagasaki, where the skies were clear.A memorial  to the victims of Nagasaki stands on the site of the former factory in Kokura, to this day.naga

  4. In 1907, a stockbroker wrote a novel called Friday, the thirteenth.
    And now the U.S economy loses $900 million on the same day.The superstition caused by the book was so widespread that instead of going on vacations, work, shopping etc, a huge number of people stayed at their own place without doing anything.Due to which market suffered and registered and average gain of 0.2% or less.
  5. In 2010, the publishing house Penguin had to pulp 7000 copies of their newly released book The Pasta Bible resulting in huge loss.
     when it was discovered that one of the recipes called for “freshly ground black people” instead of “freshly ground black pepper”. Penguin cookbook calls for ‘freshly ground black people’.




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Is this really Love ?


While crossing the road, I saw the most beautiful girl ever on the other side. My heart started pounding, my stomach started misbehaving etc. So does that mean I am in Love?
I was giving some thoughts to it but all of a sudden a car screeched hard and I went blank.

I woke up (not in the hospital since fortunately I was dreaming). And here I am pondering over the same question, as how to know if you are really in Love.
I mean is there any measures by which you could determine this feeling?. As maybe its infatuation.

There is a fine line.

Though Love has no definition, I have listed out few points which in most of the cases will help you realize. And out of these 8, if you agree with at least 6 statements, you are probably experiencing true love.

1. You know you love someone when you are willing to make sacrifices for them. When you love a child or a friend or a family member, you can envision yourself making sacrifices for them to keep them safe (giving your life for them, as an example). Even the love of hobbies can be expressed as a sacrifice (sacrificing your time in exchange for doing the hobby).

2. See if your loved one makes you want to be a better person.

3. Though being happy with the relationship you have and the person that you are is essential, being with your loved one should make you want to take your life to the next level and to be the best person you can possibly be—eventually.

4. Irrespective of your gender, you feel safe when you’re around her/him. It’s hard to describe this feeling, but it really is the best thing in the world. Like nothing bad can happen.

5. If you’re aware of your loved one’s flaws –  but all you can manage to see is perfection. If you insist that your loved one is perfect, then you have a real problem. But if you’re comfortable admitting that your loved one can be a bit selfish or isn’t the world’s greatest listener, then you have a more realistic perspective on the relationship and are much more likely to be in love for real. 

6. When your prayers, wishes and dreams are for realization of someone else’s dreams and aspirations.

7. When the person is at his or her lowest, you don’t shun but stay by their side.

8. It makes you more generous and kinder to others not only to your loved ones.

9. You respect that person and respective choices. Even if you are seperate, you will find your happiness if that person is happy, at least eventually.

Love is a gradual process and happens over time.  It is unconditional and real.
But sometimes we love people who are totally wrong for us. That doesn’t mean we are to be held entirely responsible. It just means that person wasn’t good enough for our care and affection and we were a little weak in judge of character.

All in all, self love is the best way to attract true love. Love yourself with all your heart, for who you are and for who you are not. If you don’t have love for yourself, you can’t expect to get it from someone else.

Things to do when wife’s pregnant…

Happy family

While writing the title of this article, I earlier had ‘she’ instead of ‘wife’. My friend laughed off me and help me proofread it.
Anyways, recently when I found out about her pregnancy, I went to meet her (after months). And after few greetings *cough* non-stop synonyms of curses *cough*, we went down the memory lane as her super caring husband was at his office, we chatted like anything.

I told her about my current hobby (blogging) to which she asks me to cover her up as well. Hence I relented (I had to). So coming back to the topic, I have made a list of the things which her husband does everyday…yes you heard it right.

So here we go in her own words..

1. He wakes up early in the morning around 6:00 am and prepares tiffin for me and for himself. He don’t know how to make chapati, so I make it and he will do the roasting part, so except chapati, he cooks everything.

2. Once I wake up, he reminds me to eat almonds and drink water (as suggested by our doctor).

3. Sometimes he makes breakfast for me like bread omelette, boiled sprouts, cheese toast and tea in the evenings.

4. He always fills my water bottle with glucose.

5. In evenings, everyday he brings coconut water and fruits and ensures there are enough fruits at home and they were being consumed regularly by me.

6. Later he cooks and after dinner he reminds me to take medicines with glass of milk.

7. In night, he always makes sure my sleeping position is right also there were two extra pillows in our bed to keep under my feet to prevent any swellings.

8. On weekends, he would cut my toe nails since its kind of hard to bent.

9. He bears with all the tantrums calmly I threw due to hormonal changes.

10. He comforts me whenever the anxiety of a delivery frightens me.

All the above things may seem small, but I wouldn’t have this comfortable pregnancy without any of the above.

After listening to this, I was amazed more on the consistency than on the points. Seriously, I was feeling envious if this is the kind of care a women (like her 😛 ) is subjected to.